Why We’re Here

National Addiction Centers exists for one reason and one reason only – to help persons with addiction problems and their families achieve recovery.  Addiction is a terrible and lonely disease, one that’s deeply misunderstood by the community at large.  When faced with an addiction crisis, families often have no idea where to turn.  They are frightened by what is happening to their loved one, and suspicious of a world that seems quick to judge or condemn.

We want to be an example for the harsh and misguided world.  With understanding and compassion, National Addiction Centers wants to give families what their communities sometimes cannot.  We want to give them hope and support during this incredibly anguished time.  It is our deepest desire that when suffering families leave our site, they come away with a renewed sense of hope.  That alone is our first priority.


A Sprawling Network of Care

            National Addiction Center’s next purpose is connect families with recovery resources in their geographic area.  Each person with a substance abuse problem is addicted differently, and only the family itself understands its specific needs.  It is essential that families in crisis have the power to choose the facilities they want to serve them.

To this end, we have built relationships with a comprehensive list of recovery caregivers all over the country.  And we’ve gathered them together in a single place, so addicts and their families can decide for themselves the options they wish to pursue.  We can only be effective by offering this level of individualized care.  Anything less would be a half measure.

Every one of our recovery entities is among the best in the country.  The diversity of their skills is incredible, ranging from individual therapy to long term sober living.  Our facilities are staffed with compassionate and well trained people – Actual flesh and blood people, not robotic clinicians.  They care deeply about the clients they serve, and apply individualized techniques that are proven to work, not cookie cutter programs made up on the fly.

National Addiction Centers can connect you to providers to assist you with every step of the recovery process.  We can help you find a professional addiction interventionist that exactly fits your needs.  We maintain relationships with detox and treatment facilities all over the country, with several options in every geographic area.  Our detoxes are all effective, reputable, and safe.  And the variety of inpatient and outpatient treatment centers is nothing less than incredible.

We’ll help you take the next few steps as well.  And if you need individual sessions, to supplement or even replace the treatment experience, we can also connect you to addiction therapists in your area.  Lastly, we have well established relationships with the best halfway houses and sober homes in the country.  And best of all, you and  your loved ones will always have options.  That, along with inspiring hope and optimism, is the least we can do.