Benzo Addiction

The Bad Dream of Benzo Addiction

Benzo addiction is a unique form of suffering.  It’s like no other affliction in the world, a nightmare for both the addict and their family.  Benzo addiction takes over the mind and crowds out anything of value.  Loved ones watch in confusion as their sons and daughters disintegrate.

It’s a scenario that plays out thousands of times a year.  Anguished patients go to their doctor for help with their terrible anxiety.  With only the best intentions, doctors prescribe one of the benzos for short term relief.  The patient quickly requires more for the same effect, and eventually the pills stop working entirely.  The patient has become dependent, and the madness of addiction cannot be far behind.

If you or someone you love is addicted to Xanax, Klonipin, or any other benzodiazipine, please seek help right away.  Without a solution, the problem will only get worse.  Haven’t you suffered long enough already?


When the Cure is Worse than the Disease

Benzo is a slang term for the benzodiazipines, a class of prescription drugs used for anxiety disorders.  As available on the street as they are in the doctor’s office, the benzos are short acting, popular, and highly addictive.  Physical dependence can develop in a matter of weeks, even when taken as prescribed.  And recreational users often develop a tolerance to benzos so staggering that withdrawal symptoms become life threatening.

It’s the fear of withdrawal and possible death that fuels a benzo addiction.  If the user stops, their original panic is increased tenfold.  The chest tightens as the mind begins to race over pointless ground.  Breathing becomes labored, almost impossible.  Electric pain runs down the left arm promising heart attack.  Seizures are imminent.  The addict now has no choice but to seek one more moment of relief.

Although fear makes every moment of benzo withdrawal seem catastrophic, each one of these symptoms is quite real and physically grounded.  They are nothing less than empirical facts.  Benzo use clogs the neural connections that cause anxiety,  but the brain is quick to reassert itself and simply forges more.  The result is a mind in agony, and the body is quick to follow suit.   Relief has become a trap.


Professional Help is the First Step Toward Recovery

Withdrawal from benzos can be fatal.  The chronic benzo user requires a slow taper in a professional detox.  This is the only way that safety and success are assured.  There’s no question that detox from benzos is a difficult process.  But it is also the first sign of hope and recovery.  Once detox is finished, true and permanent recovery can begin.  There’s probably no other way.

Recovery from benzo addiction is possible.  Recover requires hard work and dedication, but thousands have created a new life where before there was only despair.    Benzo addiction works from the inside out, but recovery takes the opposite path.  The solution lies in the collective, in the healing power every addict can find in the group.  But it’s not a matter of conformity.  The benzo addict finds freedom in the group, the freedom to become more firmly who they always were.