Detailing the Obvious Intuitively, we all know there’s a connection between childhood trauma and addiction. It stands to reason that a child who suffers emotional, physical, or sexual abuse would develop into an adult with a drinking or drug problem. But how does this play out scientifically? And just as… Read more »

Medication Assisted Treatment, or MAT, is no longer the wave of the future. It’s being used right now, all over the country, to help longtime addicts and alcoholics finally begin recovery. Medication Assisted Treatment is part of a progressive trend that views substance abuse as a brain disease. It uses… Read more »

Addiction treatment received a very public thumbs up yesterday, and professionals all over the world just couldn’t be happier. In a landmark announcement, Surgeon General Vivek Murphy called for sweeping changes in how addiction is perceived and treated in the Unites States. And although it’s a strange case of better… Read more »