Inpatient Treatment

Inpatient treatment centers are highly effective weapons in the fight against addiction.  They help thousands of drug addicts and alcoholics find recovery each year.  Inpatient treatment offers addicts the highest level of care and support possible, often accomplishing in a few weeks what they couldn’t do in a lifetime on their own.


Inpatient Treatment Centers and the Recovery Experience

             Inpatient treatment clients have usually experienced severe consequences as a result of their drug and alcohol use.  Many have relapsed several times.  Others have had multiple overdoses or other health problems.  Clients often enter inpatient treatment in despair, with broken relationships and work lives.  Yet these clients find hope and support in the treatment setting, and often emerge from it fully committed to authentic recovery.

Inpatient treatment provides total immersion the the recovery process.  Clients live in the facility, alongside an appropriate peer group.  Accommodations are safe and comfortable, ranging from austere to luxurious.  Clients participate in intensive programming several hours a day.  They also attend various support groups outside the facility, to discover the resources they need for recovery maintenance.

Inpatient treatments centers serve as a practice ground for real life, especially the residential components.  Clients have daily responsibilities like housekeeping and shopping.  They learn to give and accept support.  Living in such close quarters, clients also acquire the skills needed for conflict resolution.  This is an area in which addicts are often lacking, so learning to resolve disputes in a productive manner is a huge tool for long term recovery.


Effects of Inpatient Treatment

 Inpatient treatment is a period of intense growth for many addicts and alcoholics.  Most clients come into the facility under difficult circumstances, in a state of poor physical and emotional health.  They come in demoralized and confused, sometimes after an extended stay in a detox center.  Inpatient clients face a set of extraordinary challenges when they enter treatment, but with hard work and honesty they can begin to experience relief.

Miracles happen at inpatient treatment centers.  They offer an incredible amount of support and internal change.  It’s a powerful experience.  Clients emerge from inpatient transformed, equipped to live a life of permanent sobriety.  Many never use drugs or alcohol again.  Inpatient treatment connects addicts to something bigger than drugs and alcohol, to a loving community that changes lives.