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Why choose Us

National Addiction Centers exists for one reason and one reason only – to help persons with addiction problems and their families achieve recovery. Addiction is a terrible and lonely disease.

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Our Mission

We want to be an example for the harsh and misguided world. With understanding and compassion, National Addiction Centers wants to give families what their communities sometimes cannot.

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What you get

Our facilities are staffed with compassionate and well trained people – Actual flesh and blood people, not robotic clinicians. They care deeply about the clients they serve, and apply individualized techniques that are proven to work.

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Most Common Addictions


A powerful opiate with life-threatening consequences.


A highly addictive strong central nervous stimulant.


A strong stimulant that is commonly snorted, inhaled or injected.


A psychoactive drug or medicine derived from the Cannabis plant.


An addictive beverage classified as a drug.

Pain Killers

A member of the group of drugs used to relieve pain.

Other Drugs and Substances

Synthetic drugs, MDMA (Molly), LSD, PCP, Bath Salts.


A class of psychoactive drugs called Benzodiazepines.


A drug with morphine like effects differentiated from the broader term opioid.

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Drug Abuse

Drug addiction does not result from ignorance or a lack of morals. It's essentially a brain disease, a chemical disorder that has multiple causes.


Heroin addiction is tough to overcome, no doubt about it. Heroin has a well-deserved reputation as one of the deadliest and most addictive drugs in the world. Its physical properties alone make heroin incredibly difficult to stop, but the social stigma attached to it make it unnecessarily harder. Heroin addiction is not a moral issue. It's a treatable disease.


Alcohol addiction is a terrible disease, just like any other substance disorder. It often acts in subtle ways, but alcoholism is chronic, progressive, and possibly fatal. Over time, it can have the same debilitating effects as addiction to illegal drugs like cocaine and heroin.


Cocaine addiction does not make distinctions. It is indifferent to notions of gender, race, and class. It looks at every drug user in exactly the same way - as eager hosts and willing future victims. Anyone can get addicted to cocaine, no matter what you've seen on TV. It's an equal opportunity destroyer.

There is Hope for Your Addiction.

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Client Testimonials

I called National Addiction Centers looking for help for my son. I received help for my son but also the care and support I needed for myself


NAC gave me my life back. For that I am forever grateful.


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